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CREDO's mission is to "provide opportunities for people to examine significant areas of their lives and to discern prayerfully the future direction of their vocation as they respond to God's call in a lifelong process of practice and transformation." To that end, CREDO has published books and reports—oftentimes in partnership with other Episcopal organizations—that identify and examine  factors impacting clergy wellness and offer insightful reflections and practices that foster health and well-being.

A Guide to Spiritual Practice

Written by CREDO faculty members Renée Miller and Brian Taylor, Strength for the Journey: A Guide to Spiritual Practice is a collection of thoughtful reflections accented with stirring color photographs, all aimed at evoking mindfulness in the common activities of life, from music and moviegoing to reading, writing, and walking.

All Shall Be Well

In two-dozen personal reflections exploring the hallmark CREDO cycle — Identity, Discernment, Practice, and Transformation— CREDO conference faculty members and researchers present an approach to wellness and vocational and personal transformation that has affected and changed the lives of thousands.

Becoming Ourselves Again: Reclaiming Our Core Values

Becoming Ourselves AgainCore values are basic beliefs or organizing principles that give our lives meaning and shape our relationship to the world around us. Participants at CREDO conferences are encouraged to reflect on their values and whether those values serve as the organizing principles for how they live, day to day.

A CREDO Rule of Life

During their conference, CREDO participants open themselves to fresh discoveries of how we are called to live with authenticity—a deep discernment that informs the creation of their CREDO Rule of Life.

What Others Say

Making the Most of Feedback
This workbook is a companion piece to the Bishop, Clergy, or Lay Vocational Profile for use at a CREDO Conference.

Around One Table Reports

Around One Table
Around One Table provides the Episcopal Church with a powerful mirror, with results from surveys and interviews reflecting back to Episcopalians their own perceptions of their Church.

Clergy Wellness Report

Clergy Welnness ReportsThe Clergy Wellness Report seeks to provide a long-term, systemic, and strategic perspective to strengthen clergy – and ultimately the Church – through a focus on wellness.